An arrest warrant has been issued on Azerbaijani – Turkish businessman Mubariz Mansimov Gurbanoglu, detained in Istanbul, Turkey. The founder and owner of the Palmali Group finds himself accused of having links to the FETÖ network (Fetullah Gülen Terrorist Organization) that attempted coup in 2016. 

After he was detained on the 15th of March 2020, a court ordered his formal arrest on 17th of March 2020. The case is under investigation while having the process followed by Mr. Mansimov Gurbanoglu’s attorneys. It is to be hoped that the Turkish jurisdiction will bring clarity to this case within the shortest time. 

As a matter of course, Palmali Group will continue all its company operations as usual. Furthermore, all the commercial activities with our business partners won’t be hindered by the current circumstances. Palmali will continue to operate as one of the largest marine transportation companies worldwide – regardless of the exceptional situation we find ourselves confronted with.

We aim to provide a further update about the case on our website. 

Palmali Group of Company
Istanbul, Turkey

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