Palmali Holding will host the International Social Media Campaign “Share for Khojaly”, dedicated to the memory of the Khojaly genocide. The campaign will take place at the Istanbul University in four languages (English, Turkish, Russian and French) and will be carried out primarily by student volunteers.

The main goal of the campaign, which starts at Istanbul University on February 26, 2019, at 12:00 o-clock, is to bring the meaning and importance of the day to whole world on social networks, especially on Twitter.

The volunteers aim to be the first to rank in both Turkey and the world on a social network with #hocalıiçinpaylaş and #shareforkhojaly hash tags, during the International Social Media Campaign “Share for Khojaly”.

Talking about this campaign, President of Palmali Holding Mubariz Mansimov noted that, “Our aim is to share the Khojaly pain and to convey to the international community the crimes committed by the Armenian dashnaks through the social media not only with Turkey but also with whole world. Because of this, we invite world Azerbaijanis to be active in sharing facts about Khojaly”

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