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Our  Bali coffees come from the Kintamini plateau, situated in the centre of the island at the foot of Mount Batur.
Our coffee is processed exclusively by Yon. Produced from typica, caturra, line S and Timor hybrid varieties, Yon brings in mature cherries from several producers in Bali, before preparing them. In Indonesia, the “semi-washed” process actually corresponds to a fully washed coffee from East Africa.

The coffee is pulped and then dry-fermented (in water-free containers) for 12 hours. The coffee is then washed and dried. This is the most commonly used process after Wet-Hulled for arabicas.


Country: Indonesia
Varietal(s): Red caturra, Timor hybrid, Line S, Typica

Processing: 70% washed 30% natural
Altitude: 900-1100 m
Region: Kintamani

Flavour: Tropical fruits, almonds, cocoa, caramel, mango, citrus, pineapple and cane sugar

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