Costa Rica Aserri

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This coffee comes from the Tarrazu region, renowned for producing excellent quality coffee. 95% of the coffee in this region is classified as SHB. The region’s climate is unique, characterised by 7 consecutive months of rain (May to November), followed by 5 months of dry weather (December to April). The flowering period extends from November to March.
Cultivated at the heart of a family farm, the coffee cherries are harvested during the dry season then delivered to the ASOPROAAA association. They are dried on African beds and turned regularly to ensure optimum and uniform drying conditions. The coffee is natural-processed, which gives it more character.

Brew recommendation : Milk based drinks


Country: Costa Rica
Varietal: Red catuai , Red caturra
Processing : Unwashed
Altitude: 1500-1550m
Region: Tarrazu
Flavour: Cookies, dark chocolate and caramel.

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