Espresso Bar

Espresso [4,5]




Iced Americano[6]

Cappuccino[M 5.5 | L 6.5]

Latte [M 5.5 | L 6.5]





Brew Bar

Aeropress 200-220 ml[7]

V 60 Pour Over 240 ml[8]

Chemex 320 ml[8]

Cold Brew 200 ml[6]

Drip Bag 150 ml[4]

Hot/cold Cascara 200 ml[7]

Sweet Coffee

Spanish Latte[7]

double shot espresso, condensed milk, sugar syrup and milk

Iced Pistachio Latte[7]

double shot espresso, pistachio ice cream, milk, blended

Cafe Mocha (Hot or Iced Blended)[7]

cappuccino with single origin chocolate


vanilla ice cream topped with doble shot espresso

Spiced Cappuccino[7]

single shot espresso with steamed milk, homemade cinnamon and cinnamon syrup

Red Velvet Latte[7]

single shot espresso, beetroot powder, cocoa powder syrup and steamed cup

Espresso Tonic[7]

double shot espresso, tonic water, lemon juice

Caramel Latte[6]

Latte with Caramel Syrup

Vanilla Latte[6]

Latte with Vanilla Syrup

Other Beverages

Hot Tea French Press [Black Tea / Green Tea][5.5]

Iced Tea [Lemon Or Peach][5.5]

Fresh Orange Juice[6]

Mint Lemonade[6]


Still Water Sirab 330 Ml[2.5]

Sparkling Water Sirab 330 Ml[3]


San Sebastian[8.5]

Honey Cake[8]

Plain Croissant[4]

Caramel Croissant[5]

Chocolate Croissant[5]

Cherry Cake[8]

Cheese Cake[8]

Pistachio Cake[8]

Caramel Cake[8]


Cheese Sandwich[8]

Turkey Sandwich[9]

Salmon Sandwich[10]

Salami & Cheese Toast[6]


Chicken Caesar[10]

Vegan Salad[8]

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